Distance education

Distance education is a powerful and growing force in education at university level, in a wide variety of subjects. In developing countries, distance education enables educate students at a lower per capita cost than in conventional institutions. Besides, it helps the aspiring candidates to obtain the degree which in turn place them in a better position in their respective area of job and society as well, with consequential financial gain. IMPORTANCE OF distance education lies in the importance of education in life.

Education is immensely important for every individual for proper burgeoning. Words of Swami Vivekananda in this context are pertinent indeed. He said, “Education is the manifestation of knowledge already within”. He compared a child with a plant. To grow up properly a plant requires suitable atmosphere alike a child. But in our country most of the children are bereft of the desired suitable environment. As a corollary, their growing is not impeded but hardly reached the coveted level. The desire of the individual remains mostly unfulfilled. This is juncture where Distance Education contributes immensely. It serves the need of such type of people who could not achieve the goal during the specified period in their student life for one reason or the other. It helps largely the desirous candidates to recreate their academic excellence in a later stage.